Question & Answers

  • What is Special Finance at Edmonds Auto Credit?
    Special Financing is referred to as financing that is used for special circumstances or situations when it comes to credit issues. These special cases would include consumers that have some type of bad credit issues going on, weather its past due, delinquent bills, bankruptcy, divorce or defaulted auto loans in the past. Edmonds Auto Credit provides a pre-approval process that is fast and easy and will take the guess work out of your next auto loan purchase.
  • Can I get auto financing if I have bad credit?
    Simple answer: YES. There are high risk auto lenders out there but they tend to make sure you are in the best financial position to take on an auto loan. It will be a great idea to know what it is you are working with when it comes to finances. This will include your bills and way of life to make sure you have enough to afford the payments. These banks are willing to look past your credit mishaps and work with you in financing your next vehicle.
  • What will these banks need from me?
    Each and every case is different. Most of the time these banks will want a completed credit application with a copy of your most recent pay-stub. Also, they will need proof of residence, phone bill and several references to keep in your file.
  • Will I need a down payment?
    In most cases these banks like to see some sort of cash commitments from their clients. Trade-in's can also work as a down payment for most of our lenders. Zero down loans do exist and are based on a case by case scenario.
  • Are there auto loans for people with no credit history?
    We have several lenders who finance "first time buyers."
  • Will purchasing an auto help my credit?
    Purchasing an Auto is one of the best ways to improve your future buying power. Of course with any loan, making payments on time is the best way to improve that score.